Hello! My name is Vickie and this is my life in the beautiful Sydney, Australia. vickie.life was never meant to be a food blog, but for a while it gravitated towards it, and then our relationship got comfortable and we stopped eating out. Well, what do you know?

Professionally, I’m a Health Informatician. Don’t worry; no-one knows what it means! I’m also a hobbyist front-end web developer, Classical music nerd, failed violinist, former regular plasma donor, bookworm, hardware geek, and a now-casual gamer from the PC Master Race. I’m obsessed with nutrition — like, obsessed. When asked to describe me, “health-conscious” or “healthy” tends to be one of the first adjectives that people use. I don’t mind that! smile

I used to draw comics about my life for fun. They can be found here: /shares/comic

At the moment, my favourite things are:

  • Richard the boyfriend fiance husband (yay!)
  • Mayo our super adorable female Siberian Husky
  • Blahaj and Livlig
  • Our house! (Not favourite thing: Our debt!)
  • Yoga — really got into it in 2018
  • Sydney winter

I am relatively active on Twitter: @vickiegeeks