Author: Vickie

  • Mayo the Husky vs Paper Towel

    Mayo has only ever destroyed the odd paper towel or two, quite the best first Siberian Husky anyone could ask for. heart But… she did eat the paper towel in front of me.

  • Pawgust 2018

    This August, Mayo (also known as “dog” on Twitter), Richard (also known as “partner”) and I are taking part in PAWGUST 2018 on behalf of Guide Dogs Australia. During the month of August, we will be walking at least 30 minutes a day for 30 days (that’s roughly 2km every day) to raise vital funds […]

  • Fruit Platter on Qantas Flight QF563

    The fruit platter wasn’t available on my Sunday afternoon Sydney-to-Brisbane flight QF536 (flying for work, too, so that’s depressing), but for dinner on the Sydney-to-Brisbane QF563 flight back Monday night it was! The 1.5-hour flight was delayed. The fruit platter had: 1 strawberry, half a kiwi, 4 slices orange, 4 slices pink grapefruit (a first […]

  • Flight Meal (Sushi!) on Qantas Flight QF26

    It was a late overnight flight and the second leg of our journey home from a wonderful but exhausting ski trip at the Sahoro Ski Resort (that’s a lot of context in one sentence), and I’d already brushed my teeth and totally determined to just sleep when we got on our flight. The QF26 Tokyo-to-Sydney […]

  • Pre-Ordered Meal (Seafood!) on Qantas Flight QF25

    In unprecedented history, for the first time ever, Vickie did NOT order the fruit platter special meal on a Qantas flight! How was that possible? Well, I took the bait and ordered the non-online-exclusive salmon option on Q-Eat (get it? Bait? Fish? No?) for our QF25 Sydney to Tokyo international flight. Q-Eat said: Salmon […]

  • Fruit Platter on Qantas Flight QF466 (and QF411)

    Evening flight from Melbourne back to Sydney, QF466, after a whole day of inter-state work. The flight was later than I’d hoped– Deja vu… The fruit platter looks familiar. Deja vu… But we got a Lindt Lindor chocolate ball this time. I wasn’t given a chance to reject it, so here’s a pic. In the […]

  • Fruit Platter and Flight Meal on Qantas Flight QF128

    Qantas 747-400 QF128, Hong Kong to Sydney international flight. I ordered the fruit platter, as usual. There’s a big tray of fruits for dinner and a small tray of fruits for dessert; I suppose I did order a fruit meal. But! Can I point out the small REAL MILK sitting in the tray? REAL MILK! […]