Coffee Log

Not a coffee snob; just a coffee log. Only started logging since August 2014. Some comments in the comments below mostly for future reference for myself (but published online, anyway).


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  1. Vickie Avatar

    Campos Coffee: Ironman Geisha

    Ironman Geisha

    Mmm, black bean sauce. The Ironman Geisha is so distinct and memorable it spurred a whole coffee log!

  2. Vickie Avatar

    Campos Coffee: Santa Adelaida

    Santa Adelaida

    Liked this one.

  3. Vickie Avatar

    Campos Coffee: Finca Disonporados

    Finca Disonporados

    Love this roast; it doesn’t leave a sour aftertaste like a lot of others. I also seem to have a preference for Costa Rica ones? To be determined.

  4. Vickie Avatar

    Campos Coffee: Zamora Black Honey

    Zamora Black Honey

    Don’t think this is a micro lot because we got a full pack the next month. The roast smells very sweet, but doesn’t really taste particularly so.

  5. Vickie Avatar

    Campos Coffee: Finca Leoncio

    Finca Leoncio

    Oooh shiny package. Richard and I both agreed that this tastes like what coffee should taste like (and smells so good pre-brewing, too), but didn’t quite exactly the $34 per 250g pack. I couldn’t pick out any of the “muscovado sugar, macadamia, dried apricot, perfectly balanced” tastes on the note except perhaps “perfectly balanced”. Still a good roast.

  6. Vickie Avatar

    Campos Coffee: Los Cuarteles

    Los Cuarteles

    Blegh. Not a huge fan of this one. Comment to be updated when I find the right word to describe the taste (encountered before in other roasts). Might be okay with milk but I drink my coffee black.