Dinner at George’s Cafe, Burwood

Yuzhong won the lottery — a whopping $35 — so we coaxed him into treating us to dinner. We headed to Burwood after work and after we figured out that we wanted steak and Yuzhong said his friends were raving about this place, went into George’s Cafe.

I ordered the Combination Grill for myself, and in case we didn’t have enough food, Yuzhong also ordered a garden salad and a Caesar salad for the table. He tried to grab a red wine to go with his steak, but they didn’t serve alcohol there.

Well, out of the two salads, only the Caesar salad came. But “in case we didn’t have enough food”? Their portions were very generous and the food was delicious, too. My dish came with super tender lamb chops, chicken breast, beef fillet, a beef sausage (a bit salty), fried egg, lettuce and a bunch of other veggies on a big, big bed of chips. Ali was so stuffed he couldn’t even finish his plate. Their portion size is definitely Vickie-approved! Did I mention their generous portions?

Should have taken pictures but I was enjoying the company and food too much! tongue

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