Birthday Dinner at Sokyo, Pyrmont

It’s my birthday soon so good friends and colleagues Yuzhong and Ali took me to Sokyo to celebrate. We booked a table and got there early enough when the place still wasn’t very packed. It did get quite noisy later in the night after the rest of the tables filled up.

Yuzhong and Ali knew I’m a glutton so they pretty much ordered one of each dish from the menu for me. Okay, not quite, but close enough.

From memory, we had the pacific oysters, sashimi platter (24 pieces), tempura barramundi, beef robata (teriyaki beef), Huon salmon, king brown mushroom, spicy edamame, dengaku man (miso gindara / silver cod), lamb chops, mixed greens salad, spicy tuna nigiri, maki rolls, and probably more. Yep. One of everything, pretty much. Yuzhong also grabbed a sake that he poured and poured from but it never seemed to run out. For dessert, I had the donatsu (doughnut).

Everything was beautifully presented and unbelievably tasty. The best dish was the dengaku man; it’s melt-in-your-mouth good. Then again gindara is only my favourite fish. tongue

The bill came out to… they wouldn’t let me know because it’s a birthday treat, but I knew it was insane. Sokyo is so, so expensive, and the portion size so, so unsatisfying, but the food quality is so, so amazing. We decided that what we had tonight was not food; it was food sex.

Didn’t document the food porn take any pictures again!

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