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Felt like pizza again but Domino’s discontinued their low carb base and the local store wasn’t opened for the day (it’s Boxing Day!), so I guess it’s time for me to try something a little different this time. I searched for whatever pizza stores still delivered, found Crust at Merrylands, grumbled about their price and the next thing I knew, a pizza was on its way to me. The estimated delivery time was 50 minutes and mine arrived in about 45.

The Mexican pizza is supposed to come with chorizo, onions, capsicum, jalapeno and chilli on a spicy tomato salsa base. There is an option to add sour cream for an extra dollar, but I wasn’t desperate for it.

Mexican (large) from Crust Pizza Merrylands
Mexican (large – 12 inches) from Crust Pizza Merrylands

Hmm. It didn’t quite look like the one they showed on the website, did it? Where are my blobs of guacamole? The pizza was also only warm and wasn’t spicy enough for me — or at all — but I suppose it did what a pizza should do: filled up my stomach for a short period and my guilt meter longer. It certainly didn’t taste 3 times as good as Domino’s and Pizza Hut, so I’m not sure if a cheapskate like me would order from them regularly after this rather disappointing experience. Kudos to them for still opening the store on a public holiday, though.

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