All the Junk from Famima Japan

It was already very late by the time we made it back to Tokyo by bus and checked in at the hotel. Not a single restaurant or grocer in the area was still open, so in desperation, we went into the corner convenience store Famima (short for FamilyMart) and swept every hot food they had off the cabinets.

Famima Heated Food Cabinet with Fried Chicken and Meat Buns
Famima’s heated food cabinet with fried chicken and meat buns; not many left because it was very late at night

Yeah, total lies. We would probably have grabbed the same even if other shops were still open. tongue

Famima Fried Chicken and Meat Buns
Back in the hotel with the unwrapped fried chicken and meat buns we got from Famima

So greasy, so salty, so unhealthy, so good.



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