Ippudo, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

We regrouped for dinner at Ginza after we got our ski gear from Kanda. There was an Ippudo in the district, and since the brother’s friends were fans of the Hong Kong branches, they decided to try the restaurant for comparison. Eating ramen in Japan? I think so, yes!

Ippudo Ginza (一風堂 銀座店) is located right outside Higashiginza Station (東銀座駅) — not even a 5-minute walk away. When we popped out of the station, it started to very gently snow on us for the first time while we’re in Japan. It was my brother’s first ever snow, too!

The friends were already comfortably seated in the small, dark but warm restaurant. The waitress handed us the Japanese menu, but quickly figured out that we’re foreigners and gave us the Simplified Chinese menu as well. Amazingly, she even spoke Mandarin. Well, we’re actually from Hong Kong (and me, Sydney tongue ); we write in Traditional Chinese and speak Cantonese, but the effort was appreciated.

The brother ordered the Shiromaru (“white ball”) ramen. The friends ordered the Akamaru (“red ball”) with an extra egg. I decided to try the Kasane Aji — with extra meat, of course!

Ippudo Menu: Ippudo Kasane Aji
Ippudo Menu: Ippudo Kasane Aji
Ippudo: Kasane Aji (my order)
Ippudo: Kasane Aji (my order)

There wasn’t a photo for this, but I was very amazed at how they managed to do the perfect soft-boiled eggs for my friends who ordered them. Just how?

Otherwise, the ramen was all right, the pork was tender, and the broth was nice and flavourful. But it also wasn’t very spectacular. I finished the ramen and still wasn’t very full at all, but that’s just what happens to a glutton.

We paid separately. My ramen with the extra meat was 1050 yen, which is roughly A$11.

Ippudo: my bill of 1050 yen
Ippudo: my bill of 1050 yen

I actually had no idea they’ve always had a Sydney branch. I don’t have a very strong compulsion to try it, but one of these days I might go have a bowl of ramen there for comparison. smile



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