Pinocchio’s, Club Redfern

There were several January birthdays at the company (our company is small so having so many birthdays around the same time is significant), so the boss decided to take us all out for a celebration lunch. We went to Club Redfern not knowing what food they served there.

Pinocchio's, Club Redfern: Menu Page 1
Pinocchio’s, Club Redfern: page 1 of the menu
Pinocchio's, Club Redfern: Menu Page 2
Pinocchio’s, Club Redfern: page 2 of the menu

Italian and seafood, apparently!

There were barely others when we arrived. We seated ourselves at a table large enough for the dozen or so of us and went to order. The kitchen was in plain view and quite small, so the buzzer took a while to go off for us to pick up our food from the counter.

Pinocchio's, Club Redfern:
Pinocchio’s, Club Redfern: rump steak with mushroom sauce (my order)

I ordered the rump steak with mushroom sauce, cooked to medium rare. So the vegetables looked pathetic, but the steak was actually really good. The others ordered chicken, salmon, roast and more, and all reported to being happy with their dish.

Quite satisfied. Next time I might try the halloumi salad. smile



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