Lloyd’s Bistro, Dooleys Lidcombe (2014)

I was going to attend an outdoor event at Peats Ridge(!) where my friend Mark was performing, but it just wouldn’t stop raining and the band members dropped out one by one. Change of plans; we decided to have a quick dinner at good old Dooleys in Lidcombe instead.

The last reported time I went there (I’ve been back a couple of times in between) I got the full-serve roast of the day. This time, I ordered the T-bone steak ($22.90 for members; $27.50 for guests).

Dooleys Lidcombe: T-Bone Steak
Dooleys Lidcombe: T-Bone Steak (I got proper steak knives later)

I didn’t get any gravy or sauce on it and somewhat regretted it. The steak was small and so-so; the roast I got the other time was better. Mark got the chicken breast off the specials menu, which didn’t tell us it was going to come with a thick cream sauce on it. While it looked delicious, it could have been disastrous because the friend was lactose intolerant!

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