Misc Sydney Eats: February 2014

Dear Visitor! You are currently viewing a food blog entry written in the old “been there” style, likely an imageless compilation post. Newer entries are more detailed and have delicious photos, too! These restaurants deserve a proper post, but here’s the old entry, anyway!

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A lot of dining out this month! Didn’t have any pictures for these places so I’m not going to bother writing separate entries.

Rum Fire, Entertainment Quarter

Rumfire on Urbanspoon 1 February 2014: Went to Rum Fire at the Entertainment Quarter before a movie. I ordered the scotch fillet steak cooked to medium rare; the friend ordered a pizza. The place was very quiet on the Saturday night but the dishes still took quite a while to arrive. My steak was overcooked and chewy; the friend’s pizza was very small (but he has a very small appetite). It wasn’t the best dinner I’ve ever had.

Kazbah, Top Ryde

Kazbah Top Ryde on Urbanspoon 8 February 2014: Went to Kazbah in Ryde with a friend for dinner on his recommendation. We had two servings of the flatbread on the table with tzatziki, baba ghanoush & hummus dips. We also got the Kazbah Mezze Plate to share. For dessert, we ordered the Kazbah Bomb — Kurrant vodka-flamed Turkish delight ice cream with blueberries. The food was okay, but the place was quite noisy so chatting was hard and the serving size seemed quite small, but it was a more or less pleasant experience.

Chef’s Gallery, Town Hall

Chefs Gallery Town Hall on Urbanspoon 12 February 2014: Caught up with a friend after work. Chef’s Gallery is actually the first Chinese restaurant I’ve been to in Sydney. The service was all right given how busy and noisy it was that weeknight. Lots of flies around, though. We ordered a few dishes to share: Bang Bang Chicken ($9.90), Pork Fillet Mini Burger ($15.90), Green Beans with Minced Pork ($16.90) and Prawn & Pork Wontons ($9.90). I didn’t think the food was very spectacular but maybe the portion size was just too small for me. Revisit entry with pictures now up here.

Braza, Darling Harbour

Braza on Urbanspoon 19 February 2014: A rainy weeknight out catching up with another friend. He knew I have a massive appetite and love my meat, so he brought me to Braza at Darling Harbour, an all-you-can-eat churrasco. We sat outside despite the rain but still got served by the friendly staff regularly. Loved it. The amount of meat and sodium I’ve eaten tonight could probably supply a nation!

Mi Piace, Entertainment Quarter

Mi Piace Pizza e Bar on Urbanspoon 22 February 2014: Went there with Richard before a comedy show. He got the Spaghetti Carbonara and I the Filetto Abruzzese (beef eye fillet), medium rare. We were in a bit of a hurry because we were stuck in traffic earlier, but thankfully the dishes came quickly. My steak was cooked perfectly and was absolutely delicious. My only complaint was the noise even though we already sat outside, but I guess you can’t help it if the place is busy.


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