City Extra, Circular Quay

I invited Richard out after work to the Sydney Opera House for rePLAY, a video game music event performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. We were going to have dinner at the Opera House before the event, but we postponed it because the place was completely packed and Richard was still quite full from a big lunch. I got quite hungry after the event not having eaten all day, so we decided to pop in to City Extra for a late dinner when we walked by.

I love their newspaper-themed menu, but it was a bit soggy and hard to use in the breeze. Despite being hungry, I couldn’t decide on what to get. That was until I saw the description of the Victorian Mixed Grill ($32): “If you can’t make up your mind what you want, this dish is for you – a bit of everything” with all the meats listed after. Perfect. He ordered the Seafood Basket ($35.50).

We sat outside and the dishes arrived after a bit. My mixed grill did come with a bit of everything: rump steak, a few chicken wings, sausages, bacon chips and some veggies. Salty goodness. Richard enjoyed his greasy deep-fried seafood as well. The food was quite pricey, but I suppose it’s acceptable for the location and the fact that the restaurant is open 24/7.

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