Fruit Platter on Qantas Flight QF21

Who’s privileged enough to go on a ski trip from Sydney to Japan for the second time in the same year, only two months apart?

Qantas Flight QF21
Qantas Flight, QF21

I am! bigsmile It’s probably my last trip for a while, though. Not many days of annual leave left!

This time, instead of skipping the flight meals altogether, I decided to try Qantas’ fruit platter meal. Thought I would fruit up a little before the trip, because it’s still winter in Japan so I wouldn’t expect to eat any fruits while there.

Got this for dinner:

Dinner Fruit Platter on QF21
Dinner fruit platter on QF21: orange slices, strawberries, red grapes, one slice of watermelon, one slice of pineapple, banana, water, soy milk

And breakfast:

Breakfast Fruit Platter on QF21
Breakfast fruit platter on QF21: honeydew melon(?) slices, cantaloupe slices, pineapple slices, grapes, orange wedges, strawberries, banana, orange juice, soy milk

I preferred the dinner. I didn’t have the juice or the soy milk, but the actual fruits were rather juicy and fresh. I got to eat then use the bathrooms before everyone else as well. Worth getting awakened a bit earlier.



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