Misc Sydney Eats: March 2014

Dear Visitor! You are currently viewing a food blog entry written in the old “been there” style, likely an imageless compilation post. Newer entries are more detailed and have delicious photos, too! These restaurants deserve a proper post, but here’s the old entry, anyway!

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Even more dining out this month! Not going to bother with writing separate entries because I didn’t have any pictures or too much to say about these places.

Thai Passion, Newtown

Thai Passion on Urbanspoon 1 March 2014: Our movie started early so we didn’t have time to grab dinner until after it. We went to Thai Passion nearby. There was a lot of food on the menu that we wanted to try, but we decided to share the Jungle Curry and the BBQ Chicken with a serving of white rice. The chicken was okay, but the curry was very watery and despite the chilli symbol next to the menu item, it wasn’t spicy and didn’t even seem to have much spices in it. We both agreed that it’s not the best Thai we’ve ever had, but at least I really enjoyed my company.

Vintage Point, Gymea

Vintage Point on Urbanspoon 7 March 2014: Richard recommends the breakfast at Vintage Point at Gymea, so even though I’m not normally a breakfast eater, I thought I would try it. We both ordered the Halloumi Stack with Poached Eggs that came with delicious vegetables on toasted sourdough bread. It was beautifully presented and very delicious.

[revisit] 23 March 2014: We revisited Vintage Point for breakfast without any protest from me because I really liked it last time. This time I ordered the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and he got the Breakfast Platter with scrambled eggs. My dish was delightful like last time. Richard couldn’t finish his plate, but not to worry, Vickie to the rescue! Something looked different, though. Did they rename the restaurant?

Rice Paper, Newtown

Rice Paper Restaurant on Urbanspoon 22 March 2014: Another movie night for us, this time we decided to try the Vietnamese restaurant, Rice Paper. Richard has previously been here and really liked their fish cakes, which they seemed to have taken off the menu so I didn’t get to try it. We ordered the Summer Rolls, Spicy Beef, and Chicken Lemongrass with Chilli Jam Paste to share. The food came out quickly and it was all right, but it was a very light dinner for me.

Imperial Peking, Blakehurst

Imperial Peking on Urbanspoon 30 March 2014: Met a whole bunch of Richard’s friends for brunch at Imperial Peking, Blakehurst. Our table was pretty much the only one with non-Asians over there so that’s always a good sign. The food was your typical yum cha items served in bamboo steamer baskets, and it was tasty enough. We were able to both order from the menu as well as grab food off dim sum carts and trays. I think it came out to about $25 each for the 7 of us, which was very reasonable as well.


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