Misc Sydney Desserts: March & April 2014

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I don’t have a sweet tooth so if I do dessert, it is often just berries and yoghurt with no added sugar at home for me. But when you dine out, sometimes you just have to eat normal dessert. This is a compilation post of the dessert places visited during the months of March and April 2014, which unfortunately I didn’t take pictures for!

Yogurberry, Newtown

Yogurberry on Urbanspoon 1 March 2014: We didn’t want our date to end yet so we popped in to Yogurberry for dessert. It was relatively late so there weren’t many others around, and we got our swing seats that we’ve been eyeing while we were having dinner on the other side of the street. They have your typical flavours like natural, pineapple, coconut, chocolate, taro and so on; nothing out of the ordinary. It’s all self-serve and I knew that’s dangerous for a glutton like me, because it’s at $25/kg and payment by cash only. Instead of asking the staff (who never came out to help, but I didn’t mind) for a taster, I decided to try a bit of everything. “A bit of everything” turned into a lot of everything and I ended up getting 800g of yoghurt plus blueberries as a topping. I couldn’t tell you which was my favourite flavour because after a while they all blended together, but they were all quite sweet. Low fat and low calorie? Maybe. Healthy? That depends on your definition because a fifth of this thing is sugar. (I still gobbled it all up and secretly enjoyed it.)

Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Cronulla

Cold Rock Ice Creamery on Urbanspoon 29 March 2014: We wanted a bit of dessert after dinner and saw the queue outside Cold Rock Ice Creamery when we walked past. Who doesn’t trust queues for food? We had to peek through the crowds to see what our options were (Richard is thankfully very tall), and there were a lot of different flavours with various nuts and sweets to mix in. We decided to get the Ferrero with nuts, and the staff scooped it up, chopped it up, mixed it all through and served it all to us in a small cup. The ice cream was very sweet, cold and creamy, but I guess for me it was more the novelty than anything.

The Portuguese Bakery, Gymea

The Portuguese Bakery on Urbanspoon 13 April 2014: For a different breakfast, we went to the Portuguese Bakery on Richard’s recommendation. It was a Sunday morning but there didn’t seem to be a shortage of people queueing in the small store. We got half a dozen of Portuguese tarts as well as two coffees and sat outside. The tarts were sweet and eggy and delicious all round, but I would have preferred it if they weren’t just warm. I was going to save a couple for later, but the next thing I knew, I’d eaten 4 of them. These tarts are dangerous. Must resist.

The Portuguese Bakery, Gymea: Portuguese Tarts
The Portuguese Bakery, Gymea: Portuguese Tarts (photo added in 2015)

Sweet Vanilla, Mezes, Brighton Le Sands

Mezes Espresso Bar Restaurant on Urbanspoon 17 April 2014: We didn’t have dinner at Mezes, but the big group of us walked all the way to its dedicated gelato section, Sweet Vanilla, for dessert. It was a small store, but there were enough flavour selection like your typical strawberry and chocolate, as well as more summery flavours like pineapple, watermelon and passionfruit. Lower fat options are marked as such. We got a scoop of Nutella and a scoop of cookies & cream in a cup; the others got their big scoop in their waffle cones. That poor staff had to dig out over a dozen gelato balls. As usual, sweet food doesn’t do much for me, but we all still enjoyed it even though the night was getting windy and chilly.

Noggi, Hurstville

Noggi Hurstville on Urbanspoon 19 April 2014: Dessert time and we thought frozen yoghurt was probably the least damaging of all, so we popped in to the Noggi at Hurstville after dinner. Noggi isn’t self-serve like other frozen yoghurt chains, which was both good (for the wallet and blood sugar level) and bad for me because I was indecisive as usual. Thankfully, the lady at the counter was very patient and actively offered samples and suggested toppings to go with the various flavours. I ended up getting pink guava and coconut pandan out of others like biscotti and green tea, but didn’t take her topping suggestions and just went with my blueberries. It was all sugary good, but not overly special to me (I don’t have a sweet tooth). Noggi at Hurstville had the friendliest and most helpful lady with the brightest smile at the counter ever. I could go back just for her service!



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