Vincent’s Noodle House, Dooleys Lidcombe

Caught up with good friend Ellis over a light dinner, this time at Vincent’s Noodle House at Dooleys Lidcombe. The place could be really packed on the weekends, but tonight’s a Tuesday night so it was relatively empty. We seated ourselves in a dark and quiet corner.

It’s my second or third time here and I’ve ordered different dishes each time. Tonight, we decided to be relatively careful with our carb intake. Instead of noodles and many other Asian dishes on the menu, we ordered and shared two mains for a light meal: the Chilli Chicken ($17.50) and Combination Omelette ($18.00).

Vincent's Noodle House:
Vincent’s Noodle House: Chilli Chicken (left) and Combination Omelette (right)

The omelette came with a little bit of everything: beef, chicken, other unidentifiable meats and possibly seafood, onions, and spring onions on top. It also had a thick savoury sauce that did go well with the dish, but there might just be a bit too much of it. The Chilli Chicken, on the other hand, really didn’t impress me; it had green capsicum and a lot of onions in it, but wasn’t spicy at all. It was chicken all right.

I guess if you go to a place called “Noodle House”, you really should order noodles. tongue

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