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Slightly slowing down on the the dining out, which is probably better for my waist line. tongue Once again, this is a compilation of unblogged restaurant posts because I didn’t take pictures or just didn’t have enough to comment about.

Dove & Olive, Surry Hills

Dove & Olive on Urbanspoon 10 May 2014: We popped in to Dove & Olive at Surry Hills for dinner before our karaoke night. While we were trying to find a table to fit the half-dozen of us, we saw a waitstaff carry two big delicious-looking pizzas to a table. I was sure I was going to get a pizza, and became super sure I was definitely going to get them when I saw that pizzas were on specials on Saturdays! There were only 4 choices so the decisions were easy; Richard and I shared The Dove (as I always say, you should order any dish named after the place) and the Shrimp & Spicy Pork Sausage pizzas. They both tasted as good as they looked, all for only $9 each. The others enjoyed their Wild Mushroom pizzas as well. I hope to revisit on different nights to try their other specials.

Hooters, Parramatta

Hooters Parramatta on Urbanspoon 19 May 2014: We thought we’d try American food, and the first thought was somehow Hooters. I’ve heard so many tales about the chain but never been to one, so I brought the boyfriend along for our group dinner to experience this, as you do. It’s a Monday night and only a handful of other tables were taken. We ordered 2 buffalo platters ($31.95 each) to share among the 4 of us (one zero hotness and one as hot as possible, the 911) and I got the 20-piece boneless wings ($31.95) (at 911 hotness, of course). I inhaled my super delicious chicken, but Yuzhong couldn’t finish his full kg plate of beef ribs. I helped him with it and quickly realised why he struggled — the meat was very bland. I ended up with a full belly of fast food and an eyeful of candy, but I wouldn’t suggest the beef ribs.

Eat Me Sushi, Newtown

Eat Me Sushi on Urbanspoon 7 Jun 2014: We felt like having sushi before our movie at Newtown and found Eat Me Sushi. I ordered the Grilled Salmon Bento Box ($15.50) and heard the kitchen blowtorch my salmon while we waited. The sushi itself was okay but the serving size was too small for me, but at least it didn’t look too different from the picture menu so I probably got what I paid for.

Marly Kitchen, Marlborough Hotel, Newtown

Marlborough Kitchen on Urbanspoon 21 Jun 2014: Another movie night for us but we’re short on time, so we decided to have a quick pub meal at Marlborough Hotel at Newtown. Richard ordered the Chicken Burger with spicy mayo; I got the Beef Burger with the Lot — a stack of ingredients like egg, bacon, cheese and all the vegetables plus mayonnaise and a big portion of thick cut chips on the side. Loved the burgers. We didn’t have time to finish the chips, but it’s not a fault of the kitchen. The bar table we sat at was sticky and gross, but I might go back again to savour the food next time.

Eat Love Pizza, Darling Harbour

Eat Love Pizza on Urbanspoon 30 Jun 2014: I came here with a Scoopon for 4 and having read reviews about rude staff who treated Scoopon patrons unfavourably, I was expecting a terrible night and having to apologise to the boys. We came here on the Monday night with a table booked, but the place was quiet enough so we could probably have got away without booking. Despite being there first, the other table of three ladies was somehow served first. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re paying full price or, you know, they’re a full table of ladies whereas there’s only one of me in ours. But anyway, the friendly waitstaff came over with a Scoopon menu (no meal prices printed) and explained to us how the deal worked, and we happily got our two bottles of wine for the table and each ordered an entree, a pizza and a dessert. We sat there and chatted the night away and didn’t order anything more than what came with the Scoopon, and the staff never once pressured us into leaving and still smiled when we left. We all enjoyed the food as well. I would come here again especially if we can get the same service at the voucher discount price.



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