Billy’s Chinese Kitchen, Club Redfern

We went back to Club Redfern again for another company farewell lunch — Janet the contractor software engineer, whom I quite admired, is leaving the country. I expected to see the old dining place there, and was sure that this time, unlike the last two times (1st, 2nd), I would maybe be able to somehow perhaps grab the halloumi salad that has disappeared from their printed menu.

They changed the kitchen entirely. There’s now a Billy’s Kitchen at Club Redfern, serving Chinese food.

Pooyan and I both wanted to try the “chef speciality” Sizzling Beef, but when we went to order at the counter, they told us they’re still setting up the place and didn’t have vents for heavy smoke yet. Okay, well, an order of the Grilled Fish then please.

Billy's Chinese Kitchen, Club Redfern
Billy’s Chinese Kitchen, Club Redfern: Grilled Fish (foreground) and Chicken & Vegetables (background)

The fish was not grilled; the thin slices of white fish was heavily covered in oil and definitely fried. Janet ordered the Honey Chicken. She asked the staff if there’s vegetables in the dish, and somehow due to miscommunication, the dish ended up being a Chicken & Vegetables instead. Ali tried to get the Chicken Schnitzel, but they told him it wasn’t available and to stick to the Chinese menu. A couple of other guys ordered steak. It took a long while to get to the table, and apparently the steaks were overcooked and tasted like rubber.

The serving size was good especially for the price averaging at $10 a dish, but overall, the lunch was really quite disappointing. I hope it’s only because they’re still setting up the new place; but if we ever return next time, I’ll really have to remember to get the Chinese dishes.

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