Fortunato’s Ristorante Pizzeria, Sutherland

As a birthday celebration for one of Richard’s friends, the lot of us (8 adults and 3 young kids) went to Fortunato’s, a new pizzeria very near Sutherland Station. After everyone arrived and the kids more or less settled down, we made our order. We got the garlic pizza ($5.90) and herb bread ($4.90) as entrees for the table, and all ordered pizzas. We were warned ahead that because they only had a limited number of ovens (one?), the pizzas would take a while to arrive, and the pizzas did get to the table pretty much one by one.

I was starving tonight so I ordered the large Meatlovers ($22.90 for large), but the waitstaff who took our order came to the table with a medium. She promptly remembered my original order (perhaps because I was embarrassingly the only person who ordered a large), and after double-checking, confirmed that the kitchen had made a mistake and offered to take the pizza back and remake the proper one. I wasn’t going to let the medium pizza go to waste, so instead, she offered for me to take home my large Meatlovers. Impressed.

Fortunato's: Meatlovers Pizza (Medium)
Fortunato’s: Meatlovers (medium) at the restaurant

So, the food. The pizza base was thin and slightly crispy, and the pizza was loaded with delicious toppings. Predictably, the Meatlovers was very salty, but we’re talking about a lot of bacon, cabanossi, leg ham and pepperoni all on one pizza here. I also tried a slice of the El Nacho ($19.90; only medium available) that had nacho, corn chips and other Mexican-inspired toppings. One of the kids looked at the guacamole on top and said:

Mummy, this looks like poop.

We laughed, but all agreed. The guacamole was strangely dark and the presentation could perhaps have been better. Thankfully the taste wasn’t affected. tongue

We got the bill. We were charged for the large pizza, so essentially I got the medium one for free. No complaints here. smile

Fortunato's: Meatlovers Pizza (Large)
Fortunato’s: Meatlovers (large) takeaway, 2 days later

I was very tired tonight but still absolutely enjoyed my dinner at Fortunato’s. If they keep up the good pizzas and service, I see myself returning.

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