Jean’s Chilli Chicken, Eastwood Hotel

With Richard’s help (thanks a million! heart ), I spent all day packing and moving to my new place today. We were suitably starving after so as soon as we unloaded the last box, we went on a desperate hunt for food. We drove out to Eastwood Station and found lots of Chinese restaurants on one side and Korean on the other, but none tickled our fancy tonight. We decided to pop in to Eastwood Hotel when we walked past for what we thought would be a pub dinner. To our surprise, even the kitchen inside the hotel was Korean and the place was absolutely buzzing.

Jean's Chilli Chicken, Eastwood Hotel: Takeaway Menu Page 1
Jean’s Chilli Chicken, Eastwood Hotel: Takeaway Menu Page 1

We flicked through the menu at the counter and quickly agreed that everything looked delicious. We picked the Chilli BBQ Chicken (3 chilli rating; $32) and the BBQ Duck (1 chilli rating; $34), plus a serving of plain steamed rice for Richard. The counter staff looked me the Asian girl up and down and said their servings were very big, then looked Richard the white boy up and down and said their chilli dishes were very hot. We brushed her aside and assured her we love our heat and giant portions (we do!); inside, we were quite certain nothing here would be spicy enough for us and I’d probably need a second dinner.

Jean's Chilli Chicken, Eastwood Hotel: Takeaway Menu Page 2
Jean’s Chilli Chicken, Eastwood Hotel: Takeaway Menu Page 2

The place was so packed we weren’t sure if we’d be able to find anywhere to sit, but we managed to get a nice little booth with three TV screens nearby. Total win! After a while, a waitstaff brought the dishes to us.

Jean's Chilli Chicken, Eastwood Hotel
Jean’s Chilli Chicken: BBQ Chilli Chicken (front middle), BBQ Roast Duck (right with salad on top), self-serve rice balls (right back & far left), complimentary Korean pickles and pasta salad (middle back)

The first dishes that came were some Korean pickles and pasta salad that we never ordered, but the waitstaff told us they’re complimentary. The dishes we ordered arrived after. The counter staff didn’t lie; their portions were massive indeed. We also received two silver bowls of warm rice with a bit of seaweed in it. Not quite the plain white rice we expected, but if they provided a disposable glove each for the DIY rice ball rolling fun, DIY rice balls we’d make.

We attacked the main dishes. Holy. Macaroni. The Chilli BBQ Chicken was super tender and had a lovely smoky taste that you could just tell was properly charcoal barbecued, and it was mildly spicy. No, it was moderately spicy. No no, it was actually legitimately spicy. The BBQ Duck wasn’t as hot and the pieces were hidden under a huge bed of green leaf salad, but they were equally tender and tasty. We downed every single piece of meat and, for once, I was full and satiated. I suppose we did finish over 4 servings of food between the two of us. tongue

For some reason, the bill only came out to $66, which I didn’t realise until I started to prepare for the blog entry. But $66, or even the supposed proper price of $73, for a full belly of quality barbecue chicken and duck is simply worth it.

If you love barbecue chicken and hot food and ever end up in Eastwood, I highly recommend a visit to Jean’s Chilli Chicken.

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