Misc Sydney Eats: July & August 2014

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Possibly the last compilation post, for the months of July and August 2014, of other restaurants that didn’t make it into their own entry because I didn’t take pictures or have too much to say!

Burgerlicious, Newtown

Burgerlicious on Urbanspoon 7 July 2014: We dragged the boys out after work to Newtown for a movie because I’ve been raving about our Dendy movie experience. For a quick dinner before it, we decided to grab burgers from Burgerlicious nearby. It was a small place but an empty early Monday night (we’re the only table there), so we got our burgers very quickly. I ordered and really enjoyed my Parezian that came with nicely grilled Angus beef, camembert cheese, mustard, sour cream and veggies all stacked inside. The others loved their burgers with their big chips or salad on the side plus a drink as well. The burgers average to less than $10 each and a bit more for the set. Delicious and reasonably priced.

The Wine Room, Gymea

The Wine Room on Urbanspoon 9 August 2014: Another revisit since the restaurant name change; this time we noticed they have decided to become a “piano bar restaurant”. We didn’t book a table but was lucky enough to get the last non-reserved table right next to the white grand piano that wasn’t there before. The restaurant actually felt a bit cramped with the piano there. I got the 250g eye fillet and Richard the 400g T-bone. Both steaks were very decent, but the place quickly got too noisy as people flooded in and tried to talk over the live music that started later. The pianist probably overheard my talking about playing musical instruments myself, because as we were leaving, he pulled me aside and chatted with me about music. It was another noisy but otherwise pleasant night at the Wine Room.

King Wan, Tradies Caringbah

King Wan on Urbanspoon 17 August 2014: We didn’t intend to dine out tonight but was treated to an impromptu dinner at King Wan. The three of us got the fried Chicken Dim Sim ($6.40), Beef Fillet in Szechuan Style ($18.80), Pork Ribs in Plum Sauce ($18.80), Roast Duck ($18.80) plus two servings of steamed white rice ($3 each). The beef fillet menu item had the word “(Hot)” written after it. Such lies; it was not hot whatsoever. The roast duck was pretty good though and was the best out of the three. If you visit King Wan at Tradies Caringbah, get the roast duck.

Chophouse, Sydney CBD

Chophouse on Urbanspoon 18 August 2014: We knew meat would go well with the crowd so that easily became tonight’s group dinner. It was a rainy Monday night but the place was still quite busy. We struggled to read the menu because our booth was very dimly lit, but that didn’t stop us from ordering a feast. For the table we got the blowtorched swordfish belly, garlic prawns, scallops, mixed leaves and roasted carrots as entrees to share, and I got the 450g pasture-fed T-bone. For dessert, Richard and I shared the cheese board. I absolutely loved my perfect medium rare steak and the swordfish belly. There were only 3 scallops so I decided to give that up and let the boys enjoy that, and enjoy they did. Of the cheese board, we liked the fourme d’ambert aoc (blue cheese from cow milk) and meli melo (hard cheese from goat and sheep milk), but didn’t like the very strong Australian woodside edith ash (goat’s milk) at all. The bill came out to $430.55 for four so it wasn’t a cheap meal, but it was a highly enjoyable dinner and night.



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