Caruso’s Italian, Gymea

It’s my second visit to Caruso’s, both times on a weeknight. The last time we went there, I ordered a lasagne that was very disappointing. I learnt my lesson this time and decided to get a pizza like the others. We ordered a large Mexican ($27.50), large Messicano Dolce ($28.50), and a Procidana on a gluten free base that only comes in the regular size ($22.90 + 3 for gluten free).

Caruso's: Messicano Dolce (large)
Caruso’s: Messicano Dolce (large)

The waiter was very friendly, but the food took quite a while to come out despite the place being quite quiet on the weeknight. The pizzas were also only warm when they got to the table, and the size was a little small — large was more like regular and regular medium.

Caruso's: Mexican Pizza (large)
Caruso’s: Mexican Pizza (large)

I tried all three pizzas and liked Mexican the most, knowing ahead that it just wouldn’t be spicy for me at all. The gluten free base was actually quite all right as well: hard to cut but not chewy, crispy on the sides and with a slight sweet taste to it. I also liked that their pizzas weren’t super salty. The Procidana was a little, but that was expected from the prosciutto and parmesan. It’s not woodfired pizza, but it was certainly a much better choice than the lasagne.

Next time I think I’ll try one of their mains. The Cotoletta Alla Diavola (parmesan crusted rib eye cutlet) that Richard got last time looked pretty good.

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