Billy’s Chinese Kitchen, Club Redfern (Nov 2014)

Three months later, another contractor staff is leaving us for another country and we had another farewell lunch at Club Redfern. It’s still Billy’s Kitchen serving Chinese food there, but they’re clearly a lot more organised this time round, with digital menu boards set up and all (which all have the text “meal contains m.s.g” printed on them; I guess they’re at least honest about it).

Our table of 8 ordered Chicken Schnitzel ($9.90), Sweet and Sour Chicken ($9.90), T-Bone Steak ($12.50), and Grilled Fish ($11.50) at the counter. The dishes came in that order after 15-20 minutes or so, and were delivered to us directly by a waitstaff.

Billy's Chinese Kitchen, Club Redfern: Chicken Schnitzel
Billy’s Chinese Kitchen, Club Redfern: Chicken Schnitzel ($9.90)

The Chicken Schnitzel is finally available and the Grilled Fish looked more like it was grilled this time; food arrived quickly and serving size is still good especially for the price. I know we’ll always be returning to Club Redfern as a tradition, so I’m glad to see the Kitchen’s improvement.

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