Gardners Inn Bistro, Blackheath

We decided to have a quick dinner before setting off to take pictures of the sunset Gardners Inn Bistro: Mixed Grill

Gardners Inn Bistro: Mixed Grill ($24) with mushroom sauce – Lamb cutlet, beef sausage, steak, bacon, grilled tomato & mushrooms topped with a fried egg
Gardners Inn Bistro: Lamb Pie
Gardners Inn Bistro: Lamb Pie ($16) – Lamb, potato, mushroom & rosemary in red wine

They asked and I told them I wanted my steak cooked to medium rare, but I quickly realised they were probably just asking out of politeness; the steak was well-done. We glanced over at the other table and saw a giant steak atop chips that looked pretty good; I don’t know if they cooked it to that guy’s order.

Otherwise, I don’t have too much to complain about the food. Serving size could probably be bigger for the price, but as a quick pub meal, that was quite satisfying.

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