Gardners Inn Bistro, Blackheath


We decided to have a quick dinner before setting off to take pictures of the sunset back at Govetts Leap. Richard scoured through the internet for good places to try, and we ended up at the pub restaurant inside Gardners Inn Hotel.

There are your typical pub dishes available like your schnitzels ($18-20), burgers ($16) and steaks ($20-25). He ordered the Lamb Pie ($16); I predictably picked the Mixed Grill ($24) after he pointed out the menu item to me. He’s previously read reviews about the pies coming slowly, but didn’t immediately make the connection when I commented about his order. Thankfully, probably because it was just after 6 pm and still fairly early, our order came within 15 minutes.

At this hour, the place was still quiet — figuratively. The interior was super noisy even though the place wasn’t even half-full, and the deck was cigarette-smokey. It was a choice between noise or smoke and flies, and I chose the latter.

Gardners Inn Bistro: Mixed Grill

Gardners Inn Bistro: Mixed Grill ($24) with mushroom sauce – Lamb cutlet, beef sausage, steak, bacon, grilled tomato & mushrooms topped with a fried egg

Gardners Inn Bistro: Lamb Pie

Gardners Inn Bistro: Lamb Pie ($16) – Lamb, potato, mushroom & rosemary in red wine

They asked and I told them I wanted my steak cooked to medium rare, but I quickly realised they were probably just asking out of politeness; the steak was well-done. We glanced over at the other table and saw a giant steak atop chips that looked pretty good; I don’t know if they cooked it to that guy’s order.

Otherwise, I don’t have too much to complain about the food. Serving size could probably be bigger for the price, but as a quick pub meal, that was quite satisfying.

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