Set Lunch at Papi Chulo, Manly

The season of overeating continues! Following our tongue

We got the 2 pm table, but arrived early and were seated at the bar at first. We casually noted that the staff made a distinction between patrons on their first visits and repeats. It was our first, which might have explained our nice table on the side overlooking the busy harbour once the table was ready and we were properly seated.

Full gallery of our cocktails and set menu at Papi Chulo:

We got the set menu for $65 per person. The starters were pea guacamole with tortilla chips, kingfish ceviche tostada, roast cauliflower, smoked hot wings (yum!), and jumbo king prawns. Everything on the set menu was to be shared.

Papi Chulo: BBQ Platter
Papi Chulo: BBQ Platter (smoked lamb ribs, wagyu brisket, pulled pork, pork belly, soft bread)

But of course the thing I had been waiting for was the main barbecue platter with lamb ribs, wagyu brisket, pulled pork, and pork belly! My favourite from the platter was the leaner pulled pork shoulder; the rest of the meat literally had more fat than meat on them and was quickly devoured. We ate one bread (meant for the pulled pork) from the platter out of politeness.

Papi Chulo: Mango Surprise
Papi Chulo: #Chrishogarth Mango Surprise

It wasn’t over yet; there’s dessert! The warm chocolate chip cookie with butterscotch sauce and vanilla malt ice-cream was too sweet for my liking (I don’t have a sweet tooth), but I quite enjoyed the #Chrishogarth Mango Surprise. I don’t know who #Chrishogarth was and why his parents were cruel enough to put a hash in his name, but the dessert had the perfect mango and coconut flavour combination, and that I approve. I thought it was a bit awkward for the five of us to share four plates of dessert with ice-cream atop, though.

The set menu was good value for $65 a head and allowed us to try a little bit of everything. I’m not desperate for a return, but if artery-clogging super fatty barbecue meat is your thing, I would recommend Papi Chulo.

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