Marukame, Hakuba, Nagano, Japan

Richard and I finally joined the rest of the guys out for dinner in town tonight, the last night of our ski trip. It’s yakiniku time! The hotel was kind enough to take the six of us to our restaurant of choice tonight: Marukame (まるかめ) — a sumibi yakiniku place about a 5-minute drive away from our hotel, or 10 minutes from Hakuba Station (白馬駅).

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I’ve been to other yakiniku restaurants in Japan on my previous ski trips before, but didn’t quite expect the place to be as smoky as Marukame. Turned out the vent above the table next to us wasn’t working properly and was really smoking the whole place up.

Marukame Hakuba: Smoky Interior
Marukame Hakuba: Smoky Interior

We ordered many plates of delicious wagyu (loin, ribs, tongue, diaphragm) and pork, and Kenneth took up the task of barbecuing most of the meat for us. We also really loved the beef muscle rice bowl (スジ丼), and managed to order other food not on the menu like edamame. They didn’t have miso soup (also not on menu), and the super polite waitress was very apologetic about it.

Marukame Hakuba: Yakiniku
Marukame Hakuba: Yakiniku in Action

For just over 3,650 yen (~A$40) per person (with 3 draught beers in the order), it was really quite a cheap meal. We left with a happy belly, and of course clothes that smelt like yakiniku for days. smile

Address: Japan 〒399-9301 Nagano Prefecture, Kitaazumi District, Hakuba, 大字北城3020−351

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