Brew Cafe, The Rocks

I attended a three-day professional training course nearby and received Brew Cafe vouchers for all meals, and so we had 3 morning teas, 3 lunches and 3 afternoon teas at the cafe. We had a reserved table for the lunches and here’s the quickie review!

Coffee? No complaints, but the wait could be long around morning tea time.
Fruit juices? I didn’t try this because I think fruits are best eaten fresh and whole, but the colleagues who did said the freshly squeezed fruit juices were great, and most ordered one on all three days.
Food? Many cafe food options, including cakes (some gluten free), pastries, bread and sandwiches, yoghurt, salads and a few slightly different hot dishes on rotation. I only had salads on the first two days and a nut pot on the last (overeating at lunch makes me drowsy), but all tasted fresh.
Staff? Efficient and most were friendly. The others were just busy.
Environment? It wasn’t packed on the three days we were there so the noise level was very acceptable. There were enough tables and a couple of TVs playing sports and news.

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