Japan Village, Enmore

We had almost 2 hours for a proper dinner before our comedy show at Enmore Theatre tonight, and it’s hard to pick one restaurant out of the hundreds in the area of good eats. Richard previously read pretty good reviews about Japan Village, so when we walked past, we thought, why not? (In hindsight, we could have picked something more elaborate given the time we had.)

He got the first half of his order first. The Chicken Katsu Curry ($12.80) comes with a side of mashed potatoes, red pickles, seaweed salad and salad vegetables. The mashed potato reminded him of the one we had Japan Village, Enmore: Chicken Katsu Curry

Japan Village, Enmore: Chicken Katsu Curry ($12.80)

His sushi order, Salmon Avocado Roll ($3) and Prawn Roll ($3), arrived on my sushi platter of champions, the Set A. For $39, the sushi platter gives you 8 pieces of prawn nigiri, 8 salmon nigiri, 8 tuna nigiri, 6 mini salmon uramaki (inside-out rolls), and 6 mini tuna uramaki. Richard’s $3 rolls were great value, and I really enjoyed all of my sushi (salmon = the best!). The wasabi had a good spicy kick, too.

Japan Village, Enmore: Sushi Set A and Rolls
Japan Village, Enmore: Sushi Set A ($39), Salmon Avocado Roll ($3), Prawn Roll ($3)

My only complaint? The eatery is a little small and has so many tables cramped in, the people who ordered takeaway were just standing around our table while we ate. Not for diners fussy about their restaurant environment, but forgivable for fast, fresh, cheap sushi. smile

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