Fruit Platter and Flight Meal on Qantas Flight QF924

QF924, Qantas Sydney-to-Cairns domestic 3-hour short-haul flight. I decided to play safe and continued to sign up for the fruit platter. I got my special meal before the others, as usual.

QF924 Flight Meal: Fruit Platter
QF924 Flight Meal: Fruit Platter… platter?

Not so much a platter but an apple and a banana in a box (and a soy milk that I never bother). I guess at least I got to eat before all the turbulence.

The normal flight breakfast was a choice between a tortilla and a cereal. Richard picked the scrambled egg and bacon tortilla.

QF924 Flight Meal: Scrambled Egg & Bacon Tortilla
QF924 Flight Meal: Scrambled Egg & Bacon Tortilla

Small but looked nice and handmade according to the box, but also quite chewy and stuck to Richard’s teeth.

They served a snack almost immediately after the first trays were cleared. I wondered why they bothered instead of doing both breakfast and snack in one go.

Our snack, the chocolate biscuits, looked like… Well.

Richard: Did you want to say “neatly wrapped poop”?

QF924 Flight Meal: Triple Chocolate Fudge (snack)
Neatly wrapped poop


Everything I didn’t eat looked more exciting (neatly wrapped poop is exciting), but I didn’t regret sticking to my two-ingredient special meal. Let’s see what they have for me on my return flight.



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