Mother’s Day 2015

I don’t get to celebrate Mother’s Day with my own mum because I live overseas, but this year I get to do that with R mum, who prepared chicken casserole for dinner and apricot almond slice for dessert! I know, I know. It’s totally wrong of us to let her cook dinner on Mother’s Day, but she is the better cook. How about I don’t skip dessert tonight and have a big slice? It doesn’t work this way? tongue

She told me to take a picture of the casserole straight out of the oven as well, but when I turned back, somehow she was already in the middle of dishing up. Oh well!

The Purple Patisserie, Gymea

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Richard did buy little cakes for her from the Purple Patisserie. This was going to be a full standalone food blog post, but the staff got upset when I started to take photos in the shop for fear of competition, so I should respect them and not upload the one I had (since been deleted from my camera).

Once the staff realised that we were maybe not competition, she was helpful in offering suggestions of which of their sweet treats to get. A good half dozen of their small cakes were gluten free, some even dairy free, and there were also sausage rolls and quiche available. No cakes, but here, have a photo of their shopfront that I took a while back instead.

The Purple Patisserie, Gymea
The Purple Patisserie, Gymea (taken in Nov 2014 – the building in the background is mostly built now)

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4 responses to “Mother’s Day 2015”

  1. Tara Avatar

    YUM. Looks like you had some delicious stuff in the last few days bigsmile

    And . . . I really don’t like it when people don’t let us take photos of their restaurants/whatever. To me, I want to share places I’ve been to and tried, and it is like free advertisement on my end, but it just irks me when they won’t let us take photos. In a way, that will deter me from coming back, no matter how good the food is. I understand they don’t want competition or whatever, but . . .blarghhhhh. Sure wish I could have seen the cakes and stuff, though!

    1. Vickie Avatar

      Yeah… A shame, really. Personally I trust user-submitted photos a lot more than official ones. I guess if I had purchased the cakes, identified myself and asked for permission first, things would have been slightly different. Or maybe not. I really don’t want to go back there again. sad

      1. TPP Avatar

        HI Vickie – We always appreciate feedback & reviews. We have many customers who ask to take photographs of cakes which is of course no problem for us. Customers also enjoy taking photos of themselves and their treats when eating alfresco at The Purple Patisserie. Your reception would have indeed been much more open and friendly if you had identified yourself and engaged with us, rather than walking in and commencing to take photos. Cheers, TPP

      2. Vickie Avatar

        I understand and I apologise again (as I did in the shop) for that. I’ve never identified myself first because I wanted a more natural experience (I do ask if it’s pictures of people such as this), but of course the staff would have no clue of my intentions and had all the right to be upset.

        It wasn’t our first visit at the Purple Patisserie and we do appreciate the range of gluten-free cake options. I didn’t take any pictures of the cakes we bought this time, but maybe next time (when I feel a little less embarrassed to revisit).

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