Sushi Express, Orchid Plaza, Cairns

Work conference is finally over and holiday officially begins! We decided to grab a super light lunch that I really didn’t need after the hotel breakfast buffet, and thought this sushi train place on the second floor of Orchid Plaza would be a good one to try. Reason?

  1. I eat a lot and normally without a giant breakfast beforehand, sushi trains could cost a fortune.
  2. The maximum price of a plate is $3 at Sushi Express, clearly advertised from the outside!

Seriously, you have no idea how many times we’ve walked away from other sushi train places because we don’t know how much we might end up spending. (Alternatively, I could start training myself to eat like a normal person again.) (Hahaha nah.)

At Sunday a little after 1:30 pm, there were a few diners at the small place, a couple of chefs working in the middle, and all of one staff handling reception, register, waiting and clearing of tables. We very quickly discovered that sushi trains are only easy for the chefs and diners, but horribly inconvenient for the lone waitstaff who can’t walk in between. Once we’re seated and hassled her for our water and hot green tea, we waited for the sushi to appear on the conveyor belt.

Sushi Express, Cairns: Sushi Train
Sushi Express, Cairns: The sushi train is actually a train!

Conveyor belt, or a train track! The sushi train at Sushi Express is led by a toy train engine, which I thought was a very cute idea and wondered briefly why other places didn’t do this. Not only does the engine run quite fast so you have to wait for the whole train to come back if you missed it the first time, while we were there, someone had also managed to derail and detach the last carriage. I see now: all it takes is one clumsy / naughty / malicious person and you could lose an entire train of food — a train wreck! That’s why.

Sushi Express, Cairns: Fried Chicken Roll
Sushi Express, Cairns: Fried Chicken Roll

Another complaint I have with sushi trains in general, also experienced a little here at Sushi Express, is their often lack of simpler sushi that I prefer. I did find a precious salmon nigiri among the deep fried and mayonnaise covered items!

Sushi Express, Cairns: Salmon Nigiri
Sushi Express, Cairns: Salmon Nigiri

Although I’m pretty sure customers could order their food directly here as the lady next to me did.

It was only a short stay and we spent $12 for the 4 plates here. A last problem I thought Sushi Express has: as pretentious as this sounds, I think they could change their plate choice; the deep-coloured plates really made the food look dull in comparison and the Chinese theme just looked so out of place.

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