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  • He Cooks: Fresh Squid

    Richard caught squid. Richard cooked squid. We ate squid! Not pictured: The squid tube after it was all cleaned out, which looked suspiciously like the squeezy mayonnaise bottle that we just bought and used to make the dipping sauce. Dish rating: Ten out of tentacles!

  • Mother’s Day 2015

    I don’t get to celebrate Mother’s Day with my own mum because I live overseas, but this year I get to do that with R mum, who prepared chicken casserole for dinner and apricot almond slice for dessert! I know, I know. It’s totally wrong of us to let her cook dinner on Mother’s Day,…

  • He Cooks: Homegrown Butternut Pumpkin Soup (Batch 2)

    More homegrown pumpkin soup prepared by the him! Vegetable stock this time instead of chicken the other day, and equally delish. Perfect dinner in for this dreadfully wet and windy Sydney storm of the century.

  • He Cooks: Homegrown Butternut Pumpkins

    Remember the pumpkins from

  • He Cooks: Fresh-Caught Tailor

    Dating an angler means occasionally I have to put up with his totally zonked out state from having been out fishing all previous night and/or early morning and then crashing super early, but sometimes it also means fresh fish for dinner, like tonight! All prepared and cooked by him. Win! heart

  • He Cooks: Lamb Skewers

    The highlight of the dish was actually the pumpkin, roasted to perfection. I joked that the veggies were so good, the lamb skewers felt like the side to me.

  • He Cooks: Jewfish Fillets (Nov 2014)

    More fresh-caught dewfish jewfish! Yay!