Fruit Platter and Flight Meal on Qantas Flight QF925


Qantas QF925, 3-hour Cairns-to-Sydney domestic return flight, economy class. I didn’t realise how greasy my phone camera has become over the trip until I looked at these photos!

The fruit platter I got on my flight to Cairns wasn’t quite a platter for variety. It got better on the return trip with 6 different fruits (black currants, orange slice, pineapple, honeydew, rockmelon, watermelon), but without the whole banana that Qantas fruit platter meals tend to have in my experience.

Qantas QF925: Fruit Platter

Qantas QF925: Fruit Platter (lunch)

Normal lunch menu had two options: green curry chicken or Thai beef salad. Richard chose the hot item, which would have been my choice as well had I not signed up for the special meal.

Qantas QF925: Green Curry Chicken

Qantas QF925: Green Curry Chicken (lunch)

And it was a good choice. The green curry chicken on white rice was also a light meal, but at least it wasn’t dry and looked unappetising like the Thai beef salad with the rice vermicelli.

Qantas QF925: Lindor Chocolate Truffles

Qantas QF925: Lindor Chocolate Truffles (snack)

I was expecting them to hand out a snack as they did on our first flight. It’s Lindor chocolate truffles. I didn’t need the extra sugar, so I donated it to Richard who, since we’re “technically still on holidays”, gladly adopted.

Qantas QF925: Ice Cream Bar

Qantas QF925: Ice Cream Bar (snack)

But wait, there’s more! After the chocolates, there’s also ice cream bars! Best economy class domestic flight meal service or what?

Fruit Platter and Flight Meal on Qantas Flight QF924


QF924, Qantas Sydney-to-Cairns domestic 3-hour short-haul flight. I decided to play safe and continued to sign up for the fruit platter. I got my special meal before the others, as usual.

QF924 Flight Meal: Fruit Platter

QF924 Flight Meal: Fruit Platter… platter?

Not so much a platter but an apple and a banana in a box (and a soy milk that I never bother). I guess at least I got to eat before all the turbulence.

The normal flight breakfast was a choice between a tortilla and a cereal. Richard picked the scrambled egg and bacon tortilla.

QF924 Flight Meal: Scrambled Egg & Bacon Tortilla

QF924 Flight Meal: Scrambled Egg & Bacon Tortilla

Small but looked nice and handmade according to the box, but also quite chewy and stuck to Richard’s teeth.

They served a snack almost immediately after the first trays were cleared. I wondered why they bothered instead of doing both breakfast and snack in one go.

Our snack, the chocolate biscuits, looked like… Well.

Richard: Did you want to say “neatly wrapped poop”?

QF924 Flight Meal: Triple Chocolate Fudge (snack)

Neatly wrapped poop


Everything I didn’t eat looked more exciting (neatly wrapped poop is exciting), but I didn’t regret sticking to my two-ingredient special meal. Let’s see what they have for me on my return flight.

Fruit Platter on Qantas Flight QF22 (Jan 2015)


To my surprise, the hotel we stayed at served a different fruit at breakfast buffet every morning, so I wasn’t as desperate for fresh fruits on my return trip as I normally would. I already signed up for this, though, so fruit platters I got.

Qantas Fruit Platter Dinner on QF22

Qantas Fruit Platter Dinner on QF22 (Tokyo to Sydney)

The main trays looked extra empty because I took out the cutlery pack both times, but even the fruit subtrays weren’t as full and didn’t look as appetising as the ones I got on the way to Tokyo. I guess it’s winter in Japan, after all.

Qantas Fruit Platter Breakfast on QF22

Qantas Fruit Platter Breakfast on QF22 (Tokyo to Sydney)

And the normal flight menu for reference:
Qantas Normal Menu on QF22

Fruit Platter on Qantas Flight QF21


Who’s privileged enough to go on a ski trip from Sydney to Japan for the second time in the same year, only two months apart?

Qantas Flight QF21

Qantas Flight, QF21

I am! bigsmile It’s probably my last trip for a while, though. Not many days of annual leave left!

This time, instead of skipping the flight meals altogether, I decided to try Qantas’ fruit platter meal. Thought I would fruit up a little before the trip, because it’s still winter in Japan so I wouldn’t expect to eat any fruits while there.

Got this for dinner:

Dinner Fruit Platter on QF21

Dinner fruit platter on QF21: orange slices, strawberries, red grapes, one slice of watermelon, one slice of pineapple, banana, water, soy milk

And breakfast:

Breakfast Fruit Platter on QF21

Breakfast fruit platter on QF21: honeydew melon(?) slices, cantaloupe slices, pineapple slices, grapes, orange wedges, strawberries, banana, orange juice, soy milk

I preferred the dinner. I didn’t have the juice or the soy milk, but the actual fruits were rather juicy and fresh. I got to eat then use the bathrooms before everyone else as well. Worth getting awakened a bit earlier.