Second Life Second Taste

Ladies and gentlemen, gentlewomen and laymen! It appears that the Vickie you know has rejoined Second Life at a very inopportune time. Then again given the way my life is going, any time is inopportune time.

What was I greeted with on the first day I re-logged in? Well, what else?

L Bohemian
TP goes to a sex animation section
N Arabello
May I suggest ??????????

And of course the bajillion people who have little clue about tasteful body proportions.

I was also this close to upgrading and buying a Linden Home because this time I actually have a semi-plan to use the house, unlike last time when I randomly jumped on a cheap non-Linden land deal and was greeted by a chatty neighbour who made a lot of small talk and spent a lot of time having a lot of virtual sex with a lot of sound effects with her male companion in her/their home, so I ended up leaving the ground barren and mostly hid in my skybox building random things and testing animations… And it just totally dawned on me that having a semi-plan to use the land kind of has nothing to do with the neighbours you get.

But anyway, say hi if you have a Second Life too, yeah? *crickets*






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  1. Dee Avatar

    Phwoar, Second Life. mindblown-alt

    I am Loki Seid there but I don’t think I’ve logged on in, like, a year lol. It was kinda cool wanding around, but I never really ended up liking it as much as I wanted to. I’m not social enough, I guess. 6^^

    1. Vickie Avatar

      Ya, I also left for like 2-3 years after the initial honeymoon period. Never managed to find a niche. This time around they have nice newbie clothes and shoes, sculpted prims and actual upgrade incentives (guaranteed Linden Homes), though, plus I’ve been joining in-world classes and peer support groups (for my many RL issues)… I might stick around.

      1. Dee Avatar

        Ooh… the other thing that used to bug me was the lag thing. Like how you’d zone into somewhere and have to go make dinner or some shit while everyone’s 10,000 prims and 10MB .BMP textures loaded.

        About the time I left they were talking about putting in some kind of rating system where people would be rated based on the download size of their avatars; did that ever happen? mindblown-alt

      2. Vickie Avatar

        Personally I noticed an improvement. I don’t know if they did implement any rating system, but with the introduction of sculpted prims, most people and places have significantly fewer prims attached to them. Ex-100-prim single shoe is now under 20 and so on. I’ve pretty much got rid of all my old prim items even though I paid real monies for some.

        Then again there’s a confounder because I used to share the connection with the landlady’s family and now I have my own different ISP. Which, incidentally, was why I went back to check on SL; my ISP keeps increasing my bandwidth quota I have to burn it somewhere. tongue

      3. Vickie Avatar

        Ooh you know what? I just discovered “Advanced (default hidden menu option) > Performance Tools > Show Avatar Rendering Cost”. Not sure if it’s that “new” thing but it could be that?

  2. cynthia Avatar


    If love was based on profiles, I would love you. tongue

    I’m actually working on Second Life right now with a company and by myself. Not much has really changed in the past few years … ahhh.

    1. Vickie Avatar

      What what? All this and no SL name left? We’re even doing the same/similar uni course! Imagine the long-distance virtual love that could sprout!

      Jokes; not being creepy. lol

      1. cynthia Avatar

        Don’t get my hopes up woman. Muahahaha. tongue

        SL: Hikari Beliveau

        How have your courses been for Health Informatics? I’m planning on getting it after I finish my Bachelor’s.

  3. Hyony Avatar

    omg @ the 2nd conversation lol oO
    Never played Second Life nor I have the intention to do so, but I still need to get my hands on Sims3 lol

    1. Vickie Avatar

      Lol yeah. Though Second Life isn’t so much a game as it is a virtual world. People who go there expecting it to be the former usually don’t stay very long. There isn’t really a specific goal or purpose in SL; you have to create/find them.

      And The Sims 3? Totally worth it! bigsmile

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