Hotel Princess Garden, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Hotel Princess Garden (ホテル プリンセスガーデン) was a comfortable five-minute walk from Meguro Station (目黒駅), so even though we were tired from a whole three days of skiing and a long bus trip back, we weren’t complaining. We didn’t check in until after 10 pm so the stay at the hotel was brief. Our room was very small as expected, but at least it was clean, quiet and comfortable, and had all the amenities. We had a nice hot shower and a decent night of sleep.

Hotel Princess Garden: Twin Room
Hotel Princess Garden: Twin Room

Oh look, a space between the two beds, unlike some other hotel! tongue The room was 10,500 yen (~A$110) for the both of us for just that one night and no breakfast the next morning. Good enough for now!





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