Coffee: Campos Panama Ironman Geisha

Back before Richard introduced me to better coffee, I’d just been an instant person. To me, there were only a couple of requirements for coffee in the morning:

  1. The coffee must be caffeinated.
  2. The coffee must be black.

I suppose for the large part that hasn’t changed. Some thought I would be really picky about my coffee because I drink it black.

The other day, Richard grabbed the Ironman Geisha, an apparently much more expensive, limited-edition roast. This isn’t my first coffee from Campos; I’ve been getting my caffeine supplies through Richard back when they still had the bigger and easier-to-open packages. I only never kept a record because I didn’t have as strong an opinion about the earlier standard roasts and blends I tried.

Panama Ironman Geisha
Farm Auromar Estate Campos Coffee: Ironman Geisha
Farmer Roberto Brenes
Region Candela, Volcan
Altitude 1600m
Varietal Geisha
Processing Natural Sundried

What do I think about this coffee? Well, let me share this conversation we had while we were having our caffeine dose this morning:

Me: I know what the taste reminds me of now.
Richard: What is it?
Me: Black bean sauce.
Richard: … Now I can’t untaste it.

I’m clearly not a coffee connoisseur. tongue

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