Tamar Valley No Fat Natural Yoghurt

This is the creamiest and tastiest no-added-sugar, fat-free yoghurt I’ve ever tasted. A shame only Coles seems to stock it; the more convenient Woolworths doesn’t and the Supabarn I have access to only has the 1% fat “lite” version.

Tamar Valley No Fat Natural Yoghurt
Tamar Valley No Fat Natural Yoghurt: Old 500g tub ($2.99 at Coles; left) and new 1kg tub ($6.29 at Coles; right)

The unit price went up, but I liked that they upgraded to the 1kg tubs from their smaller 500g ones, as well as fixed their nutritional information panel. The numbers never quite added up!

You know you’re getting old when you get all excited about yoghurt. tongue






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  1. lenymo Avatar

    This yoghurt is tasty. I like that you’ve got a photo of the tub before and after they re-branded the yoghurt.

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