Teva Kimtah Mid WP Leather

I tried on about 6 pairs of hiking shoes across two stores the other day. Half a size down, they’re too tight at the toes; half a size up, they’re too loose at the heel. I didn’t think I’d be able to find any comfortable walking shoes that would fit me that day, until I tried on the Teva’s Kimtah Mid WP Leather boots ($199.98 member price at Kathmandu in mid-September 2014), in bison. Yesterday, I finally had time to test them.

2-3 hours of bushwalking on rocks, sand, mud, branches, grass and steel walkways later? No swollen feet! No squished toes! No blisters! I didn’t even break them in and went straight for the walk. There wasn’t quite enough grip on steel mesh surfaces, but I guess it’s all about a balance of things.

My credit card bill is going to be pretty crazy with my other big purchase this month, but these are totally worth the money. Now I’m ready for more bushwalks! Let’s see how long these new shoes last. smile






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