Redleaf Resort, Blackheath


We stayed at Redleaf Resort for 2 nights for our Blackheath weekend getaway. Redleaf has always been our first choice, so we really made the effort and tried many websites before we managed to book the weekend for us.

We got there on time for our check-in. There were only stairs at the resort to our first-floor room so good thing we travelled light, but parking is conveniently available directly below on both ends of the site.

The room was new and clean, and a lot bigger and nicer than my expectations; the air-conditioning was certainly appreciated! The resort was quiet most of the time as well, with the exception of that screeching noise from next door when they used the shower.

The highlight for me was the breakfast buffet (of course!). Well, our package didn’t come with it, but we added it at check-in for $19 per person ($17 if booked ahead through the websites?). It was nice to pig out before heading out for the day.

It is nice to pig out whatever and whenever. It’s good to live in the first world.

Overall, it’s a very comfortable stay. We didn’t use any of the other facilities like the sauna room, swimming pool (possibly closed when we visited), tennis court or game room. Maybe next time?

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