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  • So, Twinity

    A Second Life resident I follow posted about this virtual world named Twinity a couple of days ago, so being the unemployed online-game / bandwagon / occasional virtual-world junkie I am, I jumped right on it. Note: Quite a few resized or cropped screenshots after the cut. And as Second Life is the other virtual […]

  • Second Life Second Taste

    Ladies and gentlemen, gentlewomen and laymen! It appears that the Vickie you know has rejoined Second Life at a very inopportune time. Then again given the way my life is going, any time is inopportune time. What was I greeted with on the first day I re-logged in? Well, what else? And of course the […]

  • So, Last Chaos

    I didn’t give the free MMORPG Last Chaos much of a thought when an online friend first posted about it last year, because honestly, the screenshots weren’t particularly impressive and I was already busy with Guild Wars. When she posted again a few days ago about castle sieges (something I really enjoyed in Lineage II […]

  • So, Granado Espada

    You know what’s ironic? This was originally going to be a bad review of the free MMORPG Granado Espada that I started to play 2 days ago (link goes to the site of the particular region I play on), but while I was taking screenshots and preparing for the entry, I actually learnt how to […]

  • Gamer’s POV Silent Hill Movie Review-ish

    I’m not a blogger who likes to blog about the latest trends or hits; but when it’s a movie based on a video game — a video game I’ve played and enjoyed for years at that — nothing could silent me. Hehe, pardon my bad pun. Silent Hill the movie wasn’t released in Hong Kong […]