Pullman Cairns International Hotel

We stayed at Pullman Cairns International for my half business half pleasure work play trip in Cairns, the hotel where the conference I attended was held. There were also queen rooms and rooms with harbour view, but work booked the room for me through the conference and I got a 7th floor double room with a mountain/city view. Richard, of course, stayed with me.

The 5-star hotel room was very spacious even with the double double bed inside (not typo). Instant coffee (caffeinated and decaffeinated), Twining teabags (tea and tisane) and milk are free at the minibar and refilled daily. We got complimentary wifi for up to three devices during the conference days, but didn’t bother with it after the conference was over.

Pullman Cairns International Hotel: Double Room
Pullman Cairns International Hotel: Double Room and a Richard checking out the minibar

The bathroom was also really big and beautiful with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel also refilled daily. Loved the massive and thick hotel bath towels.

Pullman Cairns International Hotel: Double Room Bathroom
Pullman Cairns International Hotel: Double Room Bathroom (totally just an excuse for a mirror selfie)

It’s been showering intermittently through our trip, but we stuck around Cairns for a few more days for pleasure and extended our stay in the same room after all work finished. On the last day, the sun did come out and I managed to get this shot with a blue sky!

Pullman Cairns International Hotel: City Mountain Room View
Pullman Cairns International Hotel: 7th floor city mountain room view on a sunny day

The great thing about facing this direction was the view of the pool from the balcony, not for the reason you think — well, I mean, bikini views are pretty awesome — but because it conveniently gave me an opportunity to scout out the reception dinner that happened on the pooldeck before attending it on the first night. Shut up; social events are stressful. tongue

Gorgeous hotel room. The only thing I could complain about the hotel is having to clumsily insert the room keycard to operate the lifts instead of being able to do it through contactless. I also don’t think I ever dissociated the hotel lobby smell with the work conference, but absolutely enjoyed my very comfortable stay at the Pullman Cairns International.

A Girl’s Gotta Eat

On our way to Cairns! All business for colleague and good friend; half business half pleasure for me; all pleasure for Richard.

Cairns Trip Flight Selfie
Vickie, Richard and Ali

See food in Cairns! See you in Cairns, I mean!

Cairns Trip Flight Selfie
No individual entertainment system for this short-haul flight. I guess I’ll actually have to talk to people. The things they made me do!

Excuse Me Waiter, Is That Meat Quail or Dog?

I’ve had an account on Eatability for a while but never got into it, because the site just didn’t quite have the same appeal to me as a blogger as Urbanspoon (soon to be Zomato). I randomly logged in after a million years to its new site design and review categories, and the first thing that came up on my profile was a review blurb I wrote for a French restaurant last year.

Eatability Censorship: Roasted Quail B******
Roasted Quail B… What?

I really don’t remember ordering Roasted Quail Bitches for dinner…

Oh. Breasts. What a dirty word. rolleyes

PCEHR, IHI, Insert Acronyms

Saw the news ticker “New e-health system to see all Australians given electronic health record” on TV this morning, which of course piqued my interest as it’s only something I spent 2 full-time years that my parents paid exorbitant international postgraduate fees on. How many of you have heard of the term PCEHR? How many of you know that you have long been assigned an IHI? How many of you have actually set up, logged in and used the existing national e-health system? I have, I have, and I have, but only because I studied and am actually working in my field, and actively pay attention to the development.

The new e-health system is an opt-out, I heard, but I have a feeling it’s going to be the same fail implementation that no-one but healthcare practitioners would use. Can’t fully blame the government for not promoting it properly, though; most people really just don’t care.

Ross Noble – Tangentleman

Ross Noble was as chill, random and tangential tonight at his Tangentleman show at Enmore Theatre as he’s over the radio, when we discovered his Australia tour (which was also the first time I’d heard of him as I don’t pay attention to stand-up comedies). Loved the audience interaction throughout.

Ross Noble - Tangentleman (Sydney)
Selfie at the Ross Noble – Tangentleman Sydney show, for great justice

I preferred the first half of the show; Richard preferred the last with more pop culture references. I’m very particular about humour (filthy jokes = okay; child abuse and rape jokes = no), and I think this show passed! A great way to end a hump day! smile