Shocking Discovery

There’s something I’ve never guessed, never realised, would have never thought of, living 19 years of my life so far, until today…

I was walking to the train station after school with two of my closer guy classmates, when one of them felt the urge to relief himself. As we’re walking to the washrooms, they randomly told me that the male washroom was renovated, and was no longer having the “central system”.

“Central system?” I asked.

And then, there, after 19 years of ignorance, I learnt, shockingly, that guys don’t always get their own urinal in a public washroom. Not always in Hong Kong anyway.

Huh? They (sometimes) have to share a huge urinal with all the other men? There’ll (sometimes) be a “waterfall” on the wall in front of them if they go into public washrooms like that? What?!

I’ve never understood how guys could just unzip and do their business in front of everybody in the first place. And oftentimes, as a girl, I already feel uncomfortable knowing that the other female (supposedly) next stalls would be able to hear what I’m doing when I’m fulfilling my biological needs.

Sharing a “urinal”…?!

Some day when I cut my hair short, I’ll spare a day and visit all the cleaner male restrooms around Hong Kong to prove my interesting discovery. When, one day, I also get my hands on one of those spiffy male urinal thingies (for medical purpose), I might also try emptying my bladder like most guys do daily.

Oh what the hell. I’ll pee, piss, and urinate like most guys do. (Google me, pervs!)






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