Blue Screen of Death

My laptop! My laptop is trying to tell me something! Humming noises… she’s humming. Mumbled something about atapi.sys before she went mad. Blue. Screen. Of. 0x0000007A. Death. Infinite loop of self-rebooting. Blue Screen of Death! She begged me to format her, so I did. Fonts, gone! Brushes, gone! Everything, gone! Still humming. Not good.

I need a hug. sad






3 responses to “Blue Screen of Death”

  1. Calítoe :  Avatar

    My laptop scared me for a couple of seconds today too, but nothing compared to yours…

    *HUG* from a Spaniard in Poland

  2. Nina Avatar

    *HUGS* sad Aww! That’s not good… (Duh. Do I help? No.) Just try work it through, can’t say more. Cruel life. :B Anyway. Contact me if you want help with getting back fonts and brushes, kk? smile I’m not an expert of anything but I’m an font-a-holic. lol

  3. Cara Avatar

    You have my hugs, girl and your computer is welcome to share in the fun too, if it will make her feel better. Poor thing.

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