My Mama Thinks I’m Fake

We were randomly chatting about our future at the brunch table, when Bro surprised us with a plan I’m not sure whether he wants to share with the world just yet – or at all. wink Anyhow, Mum made the following comment to me, in regard to what Bro said -ish, afterwards.

You could become an actress;” Awww. “since you’re so good at faking.

Hmph… Now I’m flattered and offended at the same time. But, what?! Faking? I don’t remember ever being fake to her! Grumble, grumble.






4 responses to “My Mama Thinks I’m Fake”

  1. Nina Avatar

    Mothers are sneaky creatures. You know. We sometimes forget they’re just women too… your mom sounds like mine, tho’ I believe that mine is even worse, not sure. Oh well. Another pointless comment. lol

  2. Melody Avatar

    You know, MAYBE she’s trying to say something else. You may not have a clue what she’s refering to, because the older women are, the more they are into trifles. So…

  3.  Avatar

    Just dropping by. bigsmile

    Aww, maybe she didn’t exactly mean that word. Acting is pretending to be different from yourself — not deceiving someone for malicious reasons.

  4. Cara Avatar

    My mother told me I could be anything I wanted except a lawyer. Mothers are weird!

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