It Runs in the Blood

Mum opposed, opposed, and opposed to the idea of getting another family computer, ignoring / indifferent / oblivious to the fact that Dad really needed one. The story was, Bro has a nice computer, but he was almost constantly in the middle of something so it’s mostly unavailable when Dad wanted to use it. I have the laptop, decent enough and I’m always ready to share, but my “DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER DAMMIT” (sans dammit in real conversation) probably really scared / annoyed him.

So, despite of Mum’s objection, Dad got the new computer.

But guess who can’t stop using that computer now? Mum… Now we’re finally bonding. tongue

(What the hell? I kept typing “Ada” instead of Dad.)

4 thoughts on “It Runs in the Blood”

  1. Hi, you probably don’t know me. Just wanted to say I love your blog! ^_^ You’ve got really great topics and interesting entries, and the layout looks great! ^_^ Well, keep up the great work!

  2. Hey at least she finally gave it :P I think I need a new computer, but I still love this one :D Very nice site here.. lovin the layout :) Keep it up xx

  3. thanks for dropping in on my site, Vicky. Love the serene feel to yours. Not to mention your stories. :D This site is a great read and I’ll be back for more! Cheers. :)

  4. Teehee. Seems like your mum is ashamed to admit that she would be the one using the computer 24/7 should she get a new computer. :P Anyway, my mum is computer illiterate, so there’s no one fighting with me for the computer at home. ;)

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