Much Overdone but… Owww

De internez is suzh a greatz phlace. I have dis ulztra phainful ulczer or sore or whaztever you call itz in wmy wmouth, whiczh hurtz like hell whenevher I trwy to talk or eatz, and you can’tz evhen tell fromn de otzher side ofh da screen. I bhlame dose wmonthly horwmonal changes; bhut it’sz phossibhle dat I bhit mwy cheek withdout remwembhering it. Tomworrow — itz’ll hopvefully bhe bhetter tomworrow…

Can somweone trwanslate dat to English fwor mwe, phlease?






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  1. Brenda Avatar

    The internet is such a great place. I have this ultra-painful ulcer or sore or whatever you call it in my mouth, which hurts like hell whenever I try to talk or eat, and you can’t even tell from the other side of the screen. (HUH? What screen? o_O) I blame those monthly hormonal changes, but it’s possible that I bit my cheek without remembering it. Tomorrow – it’ll hopefully be better tomorrow.

    Can someone translate that to English for me please?

    -Consider it done! tongue hehehe.

  2. Lisa Avatar

    *cringes* lmao

  3. Cara Avatar

    I couldn’t even read that. It hurt.

    *blinks rapidly*

  4. Vickie Avatar

    No nooooooo, itz wasn’tz what I wmeant. Hang on, the ulcer doesn’t hurt as much now. But no! Uhh, never mind…

  5. Nadine Avatar

    Ok. That took some time but I think me understands that bigsmile

  6. The Village Idiot Avatar

    I LOVE your blog. You totally rock!

  7. Melody Avatar


    That is hard. And someone did it, many thanks to her. smile

  8. Desiree Avatar

    Oh dear, if it’s as painful as it sounds (er… reads? XD) I hope your ulcer goes away soon. sad Accidentally biting the inside of your mouth is a crappy experience, because blood doesn’t taste very nice. x__x

  9. mike Avatar

    cool blog, nice posts, interested in a link swap?

  10. Sleeper Avatar

    Aww poor you.. hopefully it will get better soon!

  11. Brenda Avatar

    Oh! Haha. Sorry! I translated too much and forgot to take note of what you were actually trying to say.

    Hmm, whenever I get an ulcer, I would try Bonjela. It’s a type of cream used to soothe ulcers. smile

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