Much Overdone but… Owww

De internez is suzh a greatz phlace. I have dis ulztra phainful ulczer or sore or whaztever you call itz in wmy wmouth, whiczh hurtz like hell whenevher I trwy to talk or eatz, and you can’tz evhen tell fromn de otzher side ofh da screen. I bhlame dose wmonthly horwmonal changes; bhut it’sz phossibhle dat I bhit mwy cheek withdout remwembhering it. Tomworrow — itz’ll hopvefully bhe bhetter tomworrow…

Can somweone trwanslate dat to English fwor mwe, phlease?

12 thoughts on “Much Overdone but… Owww”

  1. The internet is such a great place. I have this ultra-painful ulcer or sore or whatever you call it in my mouth, which hurts like hell whenever I try to talk or eat, and you can’t even tell from the other side of the screen. (HUH? What screen? o_O) I blame those monthly hormonal changes, but it’s possible that I bit my cheek without remembering it. Tomorrow – it’ll hopefully be better tomorrow.

    Can someone translate that to English for me please?

    -Consider it done! :P hehehe.

  2. No nooooooo, itz wasn’tz what I wmeant. Hang on, the ulcer doesn’t hurt as much now. But no! Uhh, never mind…

  3. Oh dear, if it’s as painful as it sounds (er… reads? XD) I hope your ulcer goes away soon. :( Accidentally biting the inside of your mouth is a crappy experience, because blood doesn’t taste very nice. x__x

  4. Oh! Haha. Sorry! I translated too much and forgot to take note of what you were actually trying to say.

    Hmm, whenever I get an ulcer, I would try Bonjela. It’s a type of cream used to soothe ulcers. :)

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