Of Nightmares and Fears

When I was very young, there was this one nightmare that haunted me many times, in which I was forced to walk back and forth repeatedly in a sleepwalking/ Chinese zombies sort of fashion. There are random grown-ups who were made to do that alongside me as well, and we would keep on walking like that without any form of communication. However, the more I walked, the more nauseous I’d become. Before I couldn’t take it any more, though, it’d spiral and “everything” would come to an end. I’d wake up then, never had to throw up (thankfully), but the feelings certainly weren’t pleasant at all. I never understood those dreams.

Those nightmares stopped somehow when we moved house, but I started to have bad dreams of other things. I’d be in a room — a dark one, usually, with a lot of insects around me. They’d either be flying on the ceiling, crawling on the floor, or crawling all over me. I’d get up very quickly, especially in the last case, and would literally check that there are indeed no insects on the bed or in the room.

And ever since my braces were taken off (eight years ago?), I’ve been dreaming about my teeth falling out. I’d, at first, think that my teeth weren’t at the right place and try to move and fix them with my fingers. They’d look aligned for a bit, but would start to fall out several at a time until not many are left. I’d try to put them back in place, but would panic (and whimper?) when I realised that the teeth would just never go back to where they used to be.

The insect and teeth nightmares still happen frequently enough these days. If they meant anything other than what they appeared, then I’m really at a loss of what could be bothering me so much for so many years…






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  1. Brenda Avatar

    Nightmares like that sound scary, especially when it’s recurring. I occasionally get nightmares like that, although I usually wake up in mid-dream rather than letting it continue.

    Heard from somewhere that one shouldn’t go to bed immediately after eating/on a full stomach because it causes nightmares.

    Hope those nightmares cease soon so that you’ll be able to get a restful sleep!

  2. Lisa Avatar

    Sorry to hear that. I have this repeatitive falling off the edge of a swimming pool nightmare for no reason.

    Or this weird scene where the ocean is just sipping the land and everywhere is all water. not sure if that one is a nightmare though.

    and the habit of reversing dream where i can make second choice and worse, I can remember my mistakes!

    Dreams are weird uneasy

  3. Desiree Avatar

    Eek, nightmares. x__x I’ve never had recurring themes, though the scary ones tend to involve falling more often than not… there’s the heart-stopping second of blankness before waking up in bed, and it’s very disconcerting.

    I don’t know if there’s any clear meaning behind dreams, though you could research it (with a grain of salt :P). Could they occur when you’re more stressed or worried?

    I hope you still get a good night’s sleep more often than nightmares. smile

  4. Carrie Avatar

    Dreaming about your teeth especially if they’re falling out means that you are currently feeling insecure about your appearance. How you look to other people. Hope that helps smile

  5. Lindsay Avatar


    I have teeth dreams too, mainly that they start crumbling and turn to shards in my mouth. I think teeth dreams are pretty common…

    I’ve not heard of the explanation of the dreams being to do with being insecure about you appearance, but I was told that the teeth ones are linked to changes happening in your life – teeth are pretty much constant once they’ve grown, so to dream of them changing is meant to represent your life changing.

    Anyway, hope the nightmares stop!


  6. Carrie Avatar

    ‘Losing one’s teeth is a common dream reflecting concerns about one’s physical and social appearances, and effectiveness in a competitive environment. Occasionally can reflect literal concerns about dental conditions or procedures.’

  7. Vickie Avatar

    Thanks so much, Carrie and Lindsay. All the interpretations (concern about appearance or dental conditions, changes happening in life, etc.) could be true, though, in my case. I guess it’s a combination of all of them…

  8. Jaime Snyder Avatar

    I have the teeth dreams too, after my braces came off. I get them every once in a while, but it is always them falling out and me desperately trying to put them back in. I don’t have any appearance issues and it never is a pattern of happening when changes are happening in my life. I think it is just a fear of mine that I dream about. It is pretty much the only reaccuring dream I have. All the others are pretty random. Love your blog, very entertaining.

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