The Great Void Under My Desk

There’s this corner of my room under the desk, whatever rolled over there would just disappear into thin air. First there was my little cross-shaped pendant, it dropped, I looked for it. Not there. Then there was a small piece of my necklace, it dropped, I looked for it. Not there. Finally, last night, one of my earrings fell off when I brushed my hair. I heard it hit the ground, it must be there, but needless to say… it’s just not there.

And the other day Bro spent a whole day in my room working on the Father’s Day card, he had the honour to see things vanish as I said. He peeled off the film of the double-sided tape, it slipped his hand, fell to the ground, and… gone. Please stop eating my things, black hole.

And wah! I haven’t visited the blogs on my blogroll for so long. Now even online people would go “Vickie, who?” very soon.

25 thoughts on “The Great Void Under My Desk”

  1. Eh? Perhaps there may be a rat hiding there which swallows your things as soon as it drops there? :P Hehe. But it sounds strange how your things can mysteriously vanish into thin air!

  2. LOL! I too have a void, a portal if you will, where things that fall or roll there just disappear into thin air. Maybe we all have those places in our homes. Hmm… I just remembered something about portals…

  3. o.o That’s super odd… I think you should place a barricade of some sort and mark it ‘HALT DANGER, DON’T DROP HERE!’ so things don’t drop in there anymore! =X

  4. Hah. There must be a place like that here at my mother’s house, because there’s crap disappearing left and right. Ugh.

  5. That’s really strange… maybe it’s a vacuum of some sort. Or maybe it’s the things-eating-monster that hides there.

  6. [wise old crone voice]

    Ah, yes, voids. They probably lead to another dimension. In order to test this theory, try falling/rolling into said void and seeing where you end up.

    [end stupid joke]

    I feel the same way about the people on my blogroll. They aren’t missing out on anyone great, but still, guilt ahoy! Which is why I’m here–all that “you should visit Vickie” in my head finally got too much for me. Missed you! I’ll try and visit more or at least drop you an email.

  7. surfed in via BE. very nice design you got on your blog! i love it! it’s so good to see a good web designer from HK!

  8. Well, if you really wanted to find the things you have lost you could always get a rope, tie it to something and attach it to your waist and climb under your desk. Perhaps you will be sucked into the alternate world where everything has gone. I wish I had my own alternate world. That would be fun.

    Hah, I can beat your non-activeness, my last hiatus was so long, many people forgot who I was… *sigh* That wasn’t fortunate.

    By the way, I absolutely adore your layout. Tiss quite beautiful. Good job!

  9. wow, you’re entry was dated back in june and its august already! where are you!! :D

    i absolutely giggled over this entry :P lol i have had experiences like that under my bed but during a major clean up i find those things i lost :P

  10. Woahh a void under your desk *gulp*

    I hope you haven’t been sucked into the void and that you’re stuck there :( Or you’re simply enjoying your summer vacation and decided not to blog for a while ;) – explaining your absence…

    Hope you’re back soon, so everyone can enjoy your posts again :D

  11. This isn’t about your post. But any time I see a fellow female gamer I feel the need to say, Hi. So, to be as cliched as possible, Hi.

  12. Wow, I want a void, maybe if I could fit into it, it’d take me into a came or a fantasy world, that would be cool, don’t you think? Btw, I adore this layout, it’s gorgeous!

  13. That is so weird. But then again these days anything is liable to happen. I completely believe this story. It may be someone living there and they are holding it for when you really need the items back. Believe me, they will return.

  14. I have something like that too. But it’s under the stairs. Lost a nail clipper there once. Never dared to drop anything near it again. :)

  15. That sounds awfully weird. x) Probably you needa move everything over to other sides of the room and attempt to dig the things you lost out. x)

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