Vi… What? Who?

There’s a woman at work who I thought had been quite cold to me in the beginning, until she somehow learnt that I was at HKU before I came here for the temporary job. I’m fairly certain she only took in the “I got into HKU” bit seeing the respect and interest she developed for me all of a sudden, and missed the more important “… but withdrew after two years since I flunked like I never did.”

But no, that’s not the point.

If I remembered correctly, I’d always introduced myself as Vickie to people, because, well, that’s my name. Since who knows when, however, the woman who shall not be named doesn’t seem to be calling me “Vickie” any more. I was rather unaware of this as the name she muttered sounded vaguely like Vickie — until about the fifth or sixth time we chatted, I finally confirmed that she’s been calling me “Vivian” all this time.

There’s no doubt that she thinks I am indeed a Vivian after my answering her with that name for so many times, and it’s way too late to correct her without embarrassing her now. Let’s hope she discovers soon that there’s nobody named so at work here.

But who am I to complain? I don’t even bother to know her name. *cough*






4 responses to “Vi… What? Who?”

  1. tohrusrose Avatar

    Happy be-lated Birthday! I’m sorry for wishing you it late. I have something for you, but I’ll give it to you later, (have to make it first). Well, take care!

  2.  Avatar

    Ahh, it was your birthday…
    Then I suppose it was good timing to offer my services (er, draw something, I mean :D).
    Have a fun one!

  3. charles gwapo Avatar

    i love the header

  4. derango Avatar

    why don’t you blog any more:(

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