Fun at Work

And so, Vickie has to continue to work as a temporary clerk in Hong Kong, because her second university life is postponed to July due to several unfortunate unforeseen circumstances. And as you may or may not know, Vickie has been working in a company that produces/sells intimate apparel all this time, which makes her very happy and rich for some unknown reasons.

But I mean, when you work at a place where people of either gender hold bra and panties samples in your face regularly, shouldn’t it not confuse you as much when you hear somebody say,

Vickie, do you have Dzong’s tit? (not real name)”

I think I stared at the person for 3 seconds, one thousand questions spinning in my head. Why does she think I’d have Dzong’s tit? Could she have somehow discovered that I’m a lesbian nymphomaniac? Shit, she couldn’t have found my blog as well, could she? Besides, why just one tit? What about the other one? And who the hell is Dzong, anyway?

“You know, Dzong’s tit?” The woman elaborated as she noticed my confusion. “Dzong’s tits company email?”

Then I finally understood what she was talking about. Dzong Stit, a company that I haven’t dealt with in my past temporary assignments. If this whole thing happened in English, I might just have replied with, “Well, no, I haven’t touched Dzong’s tit. I mean… I haven’t touched on Dzong Stit before.”

Hehe. I’m so easily amused.

Ah, back to work again. I can’t say I’m happy to have to get up early and be bossed around (albeit mildly) every day; but I can’t say I’m not happy to have a life and something outside gaming to blog about again.






4 responses to “Fun at Work”

  1. krome obsession Avatar

    Your layout is absolutely divine. I’ll be back to read more when I get some time.

  2. kirsty Avatar

    I think I want your job. (my unadultered panties fetish gets the best of me everytime)

  3. linnajohn Avatar

    Its leave a comment Monday. What a strange blog. What a strange job you have.

  4. Aleida Avatar

    Haha that’s simply hilarious bigsmile I’m glad to see you blogging more often! Ooh and I can’t hardly wait for the new layout of the MGS3 The Boss fanlisting~

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